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Safety & Security



Here are some recent items of interest regarding safety and security. Please read the suggestions at the bottom of this page, and save the Important Numbers for future reference.

Private Police Patrols - In January of 2014, the Broadmoor Crime Prevention and Improvement District will be responsible for coordinating and funding our Private Police Patrols (PPP). These officers patrol all areas of Broadmoor in uniform and in marked police cars during all hours of the day at different times, and when many people are away from home and when most house burglaries occur. The cell phone number for the phone that our Private Police Patrol will carry with them while on patrol is (225) 772-2605. Please add that number to your directory.

Neighborhood Watch - As of January 2014, our NW Progam is doing well in Phase III. Our volunteer Block Captains have visiting residents in the various neighborhoods to explain the program and asked for support and participation. Our 70 NW street signs were installed and yard signs and decals have been distributed to participants. Visit the Neighborhood Watch page for details.

Dial 3-1-1 System - Mayor Holden has asked that the following letter be made available to our readers. It explains EBR's 311 centralized reporting system for non-emergencies. You should continue to report all crimes or suspicious activities to the police by dialing 9-1-1.

Protecting Our Neighborhoods Through Easier, Faster Response!

Baton Rouge is a great place to live, work, worship, learn and play. Your entire City-Parish government and I are committed to maintaining and improving the great quality of life we all enjoy in our great city.

As part of our efforts to ensure a great quality of life, we have created a centralized reporting system whereby you can easily report non-emergency problems or concerns in your neighborhood by simply calling 3-1-1 on your telephone. Our operators will take your concern and relay it to the proper agency for action, who will then contact you about your concern. You do not need to call various departments searching for the right person to talk with - calling 3-1-1 is a "one stop" method to get answers or report concerns to your City-Parish government. Of course, please call 9-1-1 for any emergency needs.

This is just one way your City-Parish government is improving our technology and our ability to better serve you. We work hard every day to improve Baton Rouge and to protect our neighborhoods in particular. Your needs and the needs of your family are of great importance to me, and I will continue to bring innovation to East Baton Rouge Parish to better meet those needs.

Thank you for allowing me to be your Mayor-President. I love Baton Rouge and appreciate deeply the trust you have placed in me. Please know that my door is always open to you, and I will always help if I can.

Important Numbers

Emergencies - 911
Non-Emergencies - 389-2000
3rd District - 389-5247
This precinct covers the Broadmoor area. Call to address parking violations or other non-emergency issues.

Fire Department
Emergencies - 911
Non-Emergencies - 354-1400

Emergency Medical Services
Emergencies - 911
Non-Emergencies - 389-3300

311 Non-Emergency Hotline
Call 311 for non-emergency complaints such as drainage, sewer, pothole repairs, weed cutting, street/stop signs missing, garbage and recycling issues, junk/trash/debris on premises, illegal home businesses. If you cannot dial 311, then call 389-3090.

Metro Council
Call 389-5165 for Metro Councilwoman Donna Collins-Lewis' office.

Animal Control
Call 774-7700 for complaints regarding loose/stray animals, nuisance and animal cruelty complaints. If it is an emergency (a person is in danger of being harmed by an animal; an animal has bitten someone; trapped, injured or otherwise in danger) call 911.

Mosquito Abatement & Rodent Control
Call 356-3297 for this agency to spray your yard or deliver bait for rodent control.

Sewer Control Commission
Call 389-5378 if you have questions/problems with a sewer bill.

Broadmoor Residents' Association
Hotline - 926-9829

Some Holiday Season Safety & Security Tips

  • Christmas treeAlways lock your house doors and windows. Lock your gates and storage buildings.
  • Never leave valuables in your car. Always lock it.
  • Never leave lawnmowers and bicycles unattended in carport or yard.
  • Use your home and car security systems.
  • Turn off Christmas tree lights if you leave home. Water your tree to prevent it from drying out.
  • Never leave burning candles unattended.
  • Don't put large TV or electronics boxes on street for garbage pickup - cut them up and place in your recycle container.
  • Turn on house and yard lights on at night; use a timer if you are away.
  • Ask neighbor to bring in garbage containers, newspapers, mail and packages
  • Beware of solicitors selling meats, magazines, tree trimming, etc. Many are looking for targets to burglarize. Soliciting is illegal without an EBR permit.
  • Never let any strangers in your house or yard.
  • Report any suspicious persons or activities in your neighborhood to police at 911.

What residents can do to prevent crime

Report All Suspicious Activities - At a recent board meeting a panel of Baton Rouge police officers provided a Resource Guide with phone numbers for police department contacts. They urged residents to report all suspicious activities in their neighborhoods, and to report all burglaries and other crimes, no matter how small. If they don't know about break-ins they cannot increase patrols and search for the culprits. Dial 911 for emergencies, and for non-emergenices call 389-2000.

Install and Use An Alarm System - One of the best investments a homeowner can make is the installation of a home security system that is monitored at a central station. Most vendors also provide the homeowner with window decals and a small yard sign as an additional deterrent to burglars. If you've been putting off the installation of a security system, take the time today to make appointments with a couple of vendors for a survey and estimate. Once installed, use your system. Arm the system when you leave home, even if it is just for a few minutes.

Beware of Strangers - A member reported that her purse and other valuables were stolen from her house while she was working in the yard. A stranger stopped in front of her house and asked for directions and while she was talking to the woman, an accomplice gained entry to the victim's house through an unlocked door. Beware of strangers. Keep your doors locked while working in the yard, visiting next door or walking the dog.

Lock Your Doors and Secure Outdoor Items - Unfortunately, two of the most frequently reported crimes are the easiest to prevent: 1) burglars entering homes with unlocked entrance doors; and 2) burglars walking way with tools and recreational items left unattended in yards or carports and in unlocked storage rooms or utility buildings.

Plan Ahead for Going Out of Town - Before leaving for a vacation or an out of town trip, arrange to have a neighbor pick up newspapers and your mail. Unfortunately, paper deliveries may continue even if you call to stop delivery. Don't advertise to burglars that you're away by leaving newspapers in the driveway and a mailbox stuffed with a week's mail. Invest in a couple of indoor light and appliance timers and use them to give the appearance that someone is at home. Music playing and bright lights are deterrents to break-ins. Ask a neighbor to park their car in your driveway to give the appearance of someone being at home. Don't tell people who don't need to know that you'll be away.

Car Break-Ins - Install and use a car alarm with ignition by-pass. Always lock your car and arm the alarm, no matter how briefly you'll be away from it. Don't leave valuables in your car, especially in plain view. Leave a light on in you carport or driveway at night.

Now that the price of gas has reached record levels, gas thieves are becoming more brazen. Many newer cars have locked gas caps, and if yours doesn't, you should consider investing in a good quality locking gas cap. Always park in a lighted area.

Start A Neighborhood Watch - Neighborhood watch, Block watch, town watch - whatever the title, this initiative is one of the most effective ways to prevent crime, attend to home and personal security, address the safety of your children and the elderly and reduce fear and isolation. Civic involvement, collaborative problem solving and mutual commitment have helped cities and neighborhoods reduce crime by significant numbers.

Neighborhood watch forges strong bonds among residents. Watch groups create a sense of community and pride by forming a unified group of citizens dedicated to improving their neighborhood. Partnering with law enforcement, citizens become their eyes and ears. These groups also serve as an empowering outlet for victims of crime. It helps give victims a greater sense of control, ensuring that what happened to them will be less likely to happen to others. A neighborhood watch program can also be a springboard for many other efforts to address the causes of crime, reduce crime and improve neighborhood conditions. Visit this page to learn more about starting a Neighborhood Watch on your block.

Sexual Predators

We all love Broadmoor. It is our home. It is our safe haven. It is our community to watch children thrive in - to have a safe area to play in as they grow up. It is up to us, as neighbors and citizens to do our part to help maintain our atmosphere of comfort and safety.

We have all heard the news reports since the recent hurricanes about the sexual predators that have either relocated and/or their locations are not known to authorities. Even those that are officially registered and are being properly monitored live someplace - no neighborhood anywhere is exempt from that possibility.

It is up to us to know our neighborhoods, and to empower our children with knowledge of good safety habits. There are several web sites both national and state that are available free of charge that we adults can check for sexual predators, especially those convicted of sexual crimes involving juveniles.

Let's take that few minutes occasionally, as we're sending and checking our e-mail, to check these sites, to give our due diligence. It could make THE difference in a child's life. Let's be aware.

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