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Broadmoor Crime Prevention and Improvement District (BCPID)

BCPID Meetings

The first quarterly BCPID board meeting will be at 5:30 PM in Room 101 of the Adult Education Building at the Broadmoor United Methodist Church located at Sharp Road & Mollylea.

[NOTE: Beginning in Jan 2015, the BCPID website address has changed from to BCPID.COM. Visit the new site for By-Laws, Officers and Board Members, Meeting Dates, Minutes, Budget and Security Information, etc. The information below is from 2013.]

Broadmoor Entrance sign at Goodwood and SharpWelcome to the Broadmoor Crime Prevention and Improvement District section on our website. Please see the Facts Sheet below for a general synopsis of the district.

The reason why the Broadmoor Residents Association has this page is to inform the neighborhood that we are striving to meet the concerns of the residents: improving security patrols, enhancing common areas, providing more code enforcement, and the like.

Broadmoor Crime Prevention & Improvement District Proposition election held on Nov.6th

During the 2012 legislative session House Bill 252/Act 248485 was introduced at the request of the Broadmoor Residents' Association Board of Directors to amend legislation that passed in 2010 creating the Broadmoor Crime Prevention & Improvement District (BCPID). The 2010 legislation had a provision that assessed a one-mill property tax based upon your assessed property value and the new legislation changed that provison so that a flat parcel fee will be collected from everyone - $100. per year per parcel regardless of assessed value, if the BCPID is approved by Broadmoor voters.

The proposition was passed by 65% of voters who voted YES on November 6th. The unofficial totals were YES - 1457 and NO - 769.


For over a decade, we have been struggling to meet security and beautification needs, but have not been completely successful due to the lack of funding. Many of you have supported us throughout the years, and we graciously thank you. But for every one of you who have contributed, two or three of your neighbors do not pay. And yet they enjoy the same police protection and the same benefits you receive from you dues.

This new district will address the aforementioned concerns. Every homeowner will pays an equal amount. The money will be used to help with code and restriction enforcement, support neighborhood watch, bolster beautification, and most importantly, potentially increase funding for police patrols.

Concerning police patrols, in 2013 we could afford a little over two hours a day for these patrols. With the district, we can potentially have a nearly permanent police patrol. In other words, with enough funding the protection can be increased to be many more hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

This district will also have a review or audit of its financial statements every year. The district is also subject to audit by the Louisiana Legislative Auditor.

The cost for the district will be shouldered equally by all single family dwelling property owners for an annual parcel fee of $100. Budgets are being reviewed now, and we should be able to fund everything that concerns the Broadmoor community with this revenue. That would cost less than 37 cents per day per homeowner in Broadmoor.

In 2012, over thirty neighborhoods (see list below) throughout the state have used these districts to fund for enhanced security and other concerns. Four are in Baton Rouge, and the numbers in Baton Rouge and Louisiana are increasing every year. Refer to the list below for the actual statutes of the 30 districts in the state that have been enacted. This list is updated regularly to reflect additions.

If there are any questions regarding the district, or if you would like to help us, please call or send us an email.

Broadmoor Crime Prevention & Improvement District - Fact Sheet

  • The District is a political subdivision of the state as defined in the Constitution of Louisiana.
  • The purpose of the district shall be to aid in crime prevention and security of the residents by increasing the presence of law enforcement personnel AND for the funding of beautification and improvements in the District.
  • When will this be voted on by residents? November 6, 2012
  • How much is the parcel fee? $100 per lot (improved or unimproved)
  • If enacted, when will the $100 fee be collected? The tax will be a part of your regular property tax bill at year-end 2013.
  • Who will serve? The District shall be governed by seven (7) Board of Commissioners appointed as follows for a term of two (2) years.
    • Two Board members appointed from the Broadmoor Residents’ Association, Inc.
    • A member of the Louisiana House of Representatives for the District shall appoint one member.
    • A member of the Louisiana Senate for the District shall appoint one member.
    • The Assessor for the parish of East Baton Rouge shall appoint one member.
    • The Mayor-President shall appoint one member.
    • The Metro Council member who represents the District shall appoint one member.
  • All of the above will serve without compensation and shall not receive reimbursement for expenses.
  • The District will ‘sunset’ or expire after the initial 10 year term.
  • How much money will be raised each year?: Based on our rough projections, the District should be able to collect approximately $200,000 annually.
  • Who decides how the money will be spent? The Board of Commissioners will adopt an annual budget that has to be approved by the East Baton Rouge Parish Metropolitan Council.
  • Will an annual audit be performed? Yes, the District shall be subject to an audit by the Legislative Auditor pursuant to R.S. 24:513.
  • Are we replacing the Baton Rouge Police Department and the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Department? No. The Broadmoor Residents Association, Inc. currently pays off-duty Baton Rouge Police to patrol the Broadmoor Subdivision. The money from the Taxing District would be utilized to enhance the private police patrol as a supplemental, not in lieu of the existing services.
  • Reasons why this Bill is important to the future of Broadmoor Subdivision:
    • Increased Security Patrols
    • Monitored Security cameras at all entrances/exits
    • Resident identification decals for cars
    • Replacement and enhancement of existing Broadmoor signage
    • Professional landscaping and beautification projects
    • Money for legal fees in order to enforce current and future subdivision restrictions
    • Professional accounting services
    • Replaces existing voluntary dues (only 30% of residents pay for the entire subdivision)

BCPID Board Meetings

This is meeting schedule for the new Broadmoor Crime Prevention & Improvement District. Legislation was passed in the recent session of the legislature to create the district to be approved by voters in Broadmoor. If passed, this new Board of Commissioners will be empowered to handle the business of the District, and as such must be established and operational now in order to be ready to do the work when approved and funded.

The new Board had a successful first meeting on the August 3rd. The Board of Commissioners will meet again as follows:

  • September 26, 2013 at 5:30 pm at the Goodwood Library (Public meeting and it will be advertised in The Advocate)
  • October 24, 2013 at 5:30 pm at the Goodwood Library (same as above)
  • November: No meeting.
  • December: No meeting
  • January, April, July & October 2014 - 4th Monday of the Month at 5:30 pm at the Goodwood Library (Public meeting and it will be advertised in The Advocate)

Residents are urged to attend to learn about the BCPID and to ask questions.

Other Recent Taxing Districts

Read a PDF table summarizing the results of 30 recent taxing districts in Louisiana.

The individual files for each district are listed below.

Other Taxing Districts in the News

Here are news items relating to taxing districts or the need for them in other subdivisions.

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